Richmonders loved BTS and Lysistrata


Richmonders loved BTS and Lysistrata

Behind-the-Scenes RVA was launched in partnership with Quill Theatre with the idea of enhancing Richmonders’ theater-going experience by providing exclusive, personalized outings that include a meal, conversation with arts insiders, post-show talkbacks and backstage tours.

Lysistrata was the perfect show for initiating this kind of experience. There are so many aspects to talk about with this show: how it fits into Greek history, how it fits into theatrical history, how director James Ricks adapted the 2500 year old story, what specific choices were made in the staging, the impressive cast and their acting careers, etc. The show also happens to be a wacky, hilarious sex farce that audiences loved. The feedback on this new experiment has also been universally positive.

“My experience with BTS-RVA was terrific! We enjoyed the play so much more after a lively discussion with Dave and the director about the show’s historical/political context and getting the theatrical scoop on this particular production.” – Brenda G.

“I had a wonderful time at this dinner and play combo. I was surprised how much I enjoyed sharing the experience with others who had an interest in learning a little more about the play. I recommend Behind the Scenes-RVA highly.” – Randy E.

Now that we have established BTS-RVA, we’re ready to take it to the next level with new experiences planned for upcoming shows and other surprises down the road. Our “Shop” page has all the information you’ll need on upcoming opportunities for you to get in on the fun of going Behind-the-Scenes!

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