BTS-ers were on Cloud 9 after tour!


BTS-ers were on Cloud 9 after tour!

Behind-the-Scenes RVA was able to secure one tour during the run of Cloud 9 at Richmond Triangle Players and it was a doozy! Director Rusty Wilson joined the small but eager group that signed up for dinner at Fat Dragon, talking about the unique time-twisty sex farce that Rusty brought to the stage with such a finely-calibrated vision.

Then after the show, we hung out and talked to cast members, including Rusty’s lovely wife, Laine Satterfield, one of the stars of the show. Best of all, stage manager extraordinaire, Caitlin Sneed, then gave us a comprehensive tour of the theater, including details of her work in the tech booth. We wandered the stage, as per usual, then ventured

backstage and to the dressing rooms. Everybody had a great time and vowed to come back again for  another adventure Behind-the-Scenes in the future. And sure enough, one happy

attendee has already signed up for our Behind-the-Scenes catered dinner at Firehouse’s Desire Under the Elms. You should try it out too! Head to our “Shop” page for available dates!

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