Only three “Brave New World” tours – act now!


Only three “Brave New World” tours – act now!

Behind-the-Scenes RVA offers the best way to see one of the best shows in Richmond!

Award-winning Quill Theatre company is producing this stage adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s 1932 futuristic novel in cooperation with the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen. There are no on-site dinner facilities at this beautiful West End venue so we are offering the best way to enjoy dinner and a show, plus you get the personalized, individualized behind-the-scenes experience that only we offer.

A gourmet catered meal will be delivered by Garnish Catering, Richmond event specialists, with specialized options for Behind-the-Scenes customers. During dinner, you’ll be joined by arts journalist David Timberline and a Quill staff member associated with the production.

After the show, you’ll enjoy an exclusive peek behind-the-scene, going backstage to see how the show comes together and meeting additional cast and crew members.

You will not want to miss this play where  people are regimented and controlled in their working world and their lives. Babies are born in hatcheries. People take a pill to feel happy and those who are different are ostracized and sent away in exile. A couple—a mother and her son John—are discovered in exile and brought back to ‘civilization.’ John finds comfort and beauty in his book of Shakespeare, but ultimately does not fit into this brave new world and chooses to leave. Relentlessly observed and stalked by “Big Brother,” John is finally driven to do something drastic.

Behind-the-Scenes offers an all-inclusive experience including dinner, pre-show talk, full performance and post-show tour. Pay one price and your evening is covered! Click here or on the image below to go to our order page and sign up now!

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