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Only three “Brave New World” tours – act now!

Behind-the-Scenes RVA offers the best way to see one of the best shows in Richmond!

Award-winning Quill Theatre company is producing this stage adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s 1932 futuristic novel in cooperation with the Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen. There are no on-site dinner facilities at this beautiful West End venue so we are offering the best way to enjoy dinner and a show, plus you get the personalized, individualized behind-the-scenes experience that only we offer.

A gourmet catered meal will be delivered by Garnish Catering, Richmond event specialists, with specialized options for Behind-the-Scenes customers. During dinner, you’ll be joined by arts journalist David Timberline and a Quill staff member associated with the production.

After the show, you’ll enjoy an exclusive peek behind-the-scene, going backstage to see how the show comes together and meeting additional cast and crew members.

You will not want to miss this play where  people are regimented and controlled in their working world and their lives. Babies are born in hatcheries. People take a pill to feel happy and those who are different are ostracized and sent away in exile. A couple—a mother and her son John—are discovered in exile and brought back to ‘civilization.’ John finds comfort and beauty in his book of Shakespeare, but ultimately does not fit into this brave new world and chooses to leave. Relentlessly observed and stalked by “Big Brother,” John is finally driven to do something drastic.

Behind-the-Scenes offers an all-inclusive experience including dinner, pre-show talk, full performance and post-show tour. Pay one price and your evening is covered! Click here or on the image below to go to our order page and sign up now!


Behind-the-Scenes RVA offers a new way to discover Richmond!


Desire satisfied with backstage tour!

We had two Behind-the-Scenes tours during the run of Desire Under the Elms at Firehouse Theatre and both groups got to dive deep into the intense drama of the Eugene O’Neill classic. Director Josh Chenard took them through his process of adapting this challenging family story, cutting it down to the raw essentials. After a

delicious catered dinner by the fine chefs at Kitchenette (peanut butter pie!), we enjoyed the show then, after a short

recovery, associate producer and all-around backstage whiz Todd LaBelle took the troops all around the decommissed Firehouse. It was a unique experience and one each participant said they’d be excited to do again.




BTS-ers were on Cloud 9 after tour!

Behind-the-Scenes RVA was able to secure one tour during the run of Cloud 9 at Richmond Triangle Players and it was a doozy! Director Rusty Wilson joined the small but eager group that signed up for dinner at Fat Dragon, talking about the unique time-twisty sex farce that Rusty brought to the stage with such a finely-calibrated vision.

Then after the show, we hung out and talked to cast members, including Rusty’s lovely wife, Laine Satterfield, one of the stars of the show. Best of all, stage manager extraordinaire, Caitlin Sneed, then gave us a comprehensive tour of the theater, including details of her work in the tech booth. We wandered the stage, as per usual, then ventured

backstage and to the dressing rooms. Everybody had a great time and vowed to come back again for  another adventure Behind-the-Scenes in the future. And sure enough, one happy

attendee has already signed up for our Behind-the-Scenes catered dinner at Firehouse’s Desire Under the Elms. You should try it out too! Head to our “Shop” page for available dates!


Firehouse’s Desire Under the Elms: 2 tours available!


All this and more will be featured in Eugene O’Neill’s masterpiece, Desire Under the Elms. This searing drama will wrap you in its hypnotic, violent story and leave you with many intense images that you’ll be talking about for weeks afterwards.

Directed by Josh Chenard and featuring an award-winning cast of Richmond favorites, this production may be one of your only chance to see this singular but not-often-produced classic enacted onstage.

Grounded in the Greek tragedy Hippolytus, this is the perfect kind of show that you’ll want to go Behind-the-Scenes with. We’ll talk about the history of the show as well as delve into Eugene O’Neill’s amazing legacy. Then you’ll have a chance to talk with director Josh Chenard about what makes this production so special.

This will be the first BTS experience that is catered onsite (thanks to the awesome restaurant / food truck, Kitchenette), so you can park once, enjoy dinner and conversation and then be entertained by the show. Afterwards, stick around for an exclusive tour and post-show chat with the cast of the show.

Only two tours will be offered during the run of this show so act now! Click on the image below or go to our “Shop” page.


Richmonders loved BTS and Lysistrata

Behind-the-Scenes RVA was launched in partnership with Quill Theatre with the idea of enhancing Richmonders’ theater-going experience by providing exclusive, personalized outings that include a meal, conversation with arts insiders, post-show talkbacks and backstage tours.

Lysistrata was the perfect show for initiating this kind of experience. There are so many aspects to talk about with this show: how it fits into Greek history, how it fits into theatrical history, how director James Ricks adapted the 2500 year old story, what specific choices were made in the staging, the impressive cast and their acting careers, etc. The show also happens to be a wacky, hilarious sex farce that audiences loved. The feedback on this new experiment has also been universally positive.

“My experience with BTS-RVA was terrific! We enjoyed the play so much more after a lively discussion with Dave and the director about the show’s historical/political context and getting the theatrical scoop on this particular production.” – Brenda G.

“I had a wonderful time at this dinner and play combo. I was surprised how much I enjoyed sharing the experience with others who had an interest in learning a little more about the play. I recommend Behind the Scenes-RVA highly.” – Randy E.

Now that we have established BTS-RVA, we’re ready to take it to the next level with new experiences planned for upcoming shows and other surprises down the road. Our “Shop” page has all the information you’ll need on upcoming opportunities for you to get in on the fun of going Behind-the-Scenes!


New RVA arts advocacy business launches for Lysistrata, starring Grey Garrett

The world-premiere adaptation of Aristophanes’ “Lysistrata” opens just as the new arts advocacy business, Behind-the-Scenes RVA, starts operations. Quill Theatre has embraced this new business as an opportunity to enhance the enjoyment of the arts in Richmond and promote its quality and diversity.


Two exciting tours offered for Lysistrata!

The critics are raving about “Lysistrata, starring Grey Garrett.” Tony Farrell of the Richmond Times-Dispatch says, “Adapted from the original text with modern muscularity by director James Ricks and goosed with up-to-date slang, peppy pacing and even references to a certain controversial American president…Every moment of “Lysistrata” is definitely worth seeing.” (Read full review here.)

Starring Richmond favorite Grey Garrett and featuring award-winning comic actors Jeff Clevenger and Maggie Bavolack, “Lysistrata” has Richmonders in stitches! The reviews are in and the response has been unanimous: the story may be 2500 years old, but this new adaptation is as funny and frisky as a classic sitcom. In this battle of the sexes, the clear winner is the audience.

What better way to enjoy this historical, hysterical production than to go Behind-the-Scenes? Get the goods on the Greeks who originated the show, then talk to director James Ricks about the choices he made to make the story work for modern audiences.

Choose a three-course lunch at 1885 Cafe in the lobby of Hilton Hotel and a matinee performance on Sundays, or a special dinner at Penny Lane Pub and an evening performance on Thursdays. Each performance features an exclusive backstage tour and reserved seating at the show.

Click here or go to our “Shop” page to make your selection. We look forward to having you join us — we can’t wait to take you Behind-the-Scenes!


A “Dinner w/ the director” opportunity!

We’re only offering one Behind-the-Scenes tour for Cloud 9, and this one is extra-special — you will be dining with the show’s director Rusty Wilson. Only 6 spots are available for this unique opportunity on Friday, October 20th — click here to buy now!

A wacky sex farce or a thoughtful exploration of changing gender roles and sexuality? Cloud 9 is both, and the critics are expressing their appreciation of this clever mash-up. “Cloud 9 is a play for those who want laughter but also something to think about on the way home,” says Julinda Lewis in the Richmond Times-Dispatch (full review here.) Jerry Williams at Sifter calls it “…a jolly good romp; this ensemble is doing uniformly excellent work.” (full review here.)

What better way to enjoy this complex production than to go Behind-the-Scenes? Get the historical background on this show that is — surprisingly! — almost 40 years old. Enjoy an in-depth talk with director Rusty Wilson about why this play remains as vital and relevant today as it was in the 1970s.

The tour comes complete with a three-course dinner at Fat Dragon only 2 blocks from the theater. Each performance features an exclusive backstage tour and reserved seating at the show.

Click here or go to our “Shop” page to make your selection. We look forward to having you join us — we can’t wait to take you Behind-the-Scenes!